Garrison Dam Spillway - 150,000 CFM (2011)

Blacktrail's Certified Safety Professionals (CSPs) work in many different industries. Insurance, chemical, and manufacturing are the major industries requiring CSP consulting. During the last decade, the  number of CSPs engaged in consulting has doubled to 15%. The number of CSPs in various other  industries, including construction, government, transportation, and aerospace,  also continues to grow.


Today, there  is a convergence of safety, industrial hygiene and environmental practice. Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) data show that CSPs, on average, spend  almost 60% of their professional time in safety and a significant portion of  time in industrial hygiene and environmental matters. 32% of CSPs have safety and health responsibilities and 70% have safety,  health, and environmental duties. Many CSPs are safety and/or environmental, safety and health managers. CSPs  work with designers to identify system risks during use, operation, and  maintenance.


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Garrison Dam at Riverdale, North Dakota